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Thursday 20120816 Open Workout

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Work on the 10 levels of Pull-up Progression

Have you been keeping track of your Pull-Up progression since Aug 3rd?  To refresh your memory go to

Video courtesy of CrossFit Portland.  Watch from the 3:09 mark.  Scott Hagnas details out the theory of his Pull Up Progression and how important it is to build good scapula control first so you have a good support system when going through the progression.  If you were given a copy of your Pull Up Progression chart back on the 3rd, bring it in.  If you weren’t here, no worries.  We should still have copies in the TactFit area so you can establish your level.  Or print one out right here.  Pullup Progression 

Goal is show proficiency in a progression before you move on.  Some of you may be able to string a couple of some-what kipping pull-ups and wonder why we want you to go through this whole progression.  Simply put, we want to build a good foundation of strength and control so you become more proficient in the movement.  Turn 4-5 barely strung together pullups to 10+ unbroken.  Turn proficient kipping chin-above pullups to successful Chest-to-Bar pull-ups.  See where I’m going with this?


3 X 1min AMRAP:

-50m Sprint

*Rest 2min between Rounds*

So how this will work is, we will move outdoors for the run.  It’s going to be a beautiful day so let’s take advantage of some fresh air!  We’ll have the 50M area marked with cones so you’ll know where to turn around.  When you start, you’ll run down to the cone, touch the ground with one hand, run back to the starting line and touch the ground with the opposite hand.  Repeat until the minute is up.  Think of it as a minute-long 50M shuttle run.  Still wondering how that will work, here’s an example… (courtesy of Anthony DiSarro)

Only difference is you’ll go until we say stop! 🙂

Goal is to hit the same number of reps (one 50M run=1 rep) every round.  Therefore, post LOWEST total in a round to comments/

Post total reps (add all three rounds) completed to comments

Cash Out:

Lat Stretch. Banded Hamstring Stretch