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Saturday 20120901 Open Workout

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Double Wall Ball

Video courtesy of Move Fitness and Training.  That’s right, we couldn’t leave well enough alone.  Forget the regular Wall Balls.  Today you will learn the Double Wall Ball!  The difference?  In a Double Wall Ball, you do an additional squat while the ball is airborne.  Play around with this one and learn the timing.  This will be used in WOD part 1…

3 Rounds:
6 Ring Handstand Push Ups
10 Double Wall Balls

Video courtesy of CrossFit HQ.  Start watching at the 5:58 mark.  Chris Spealler and Matt Chan going over the finer points of Ring Hand Stand Push ups.  Pay attention to Chris’ points on wrapping your legs around the straps.

After that, we’ll follow things up with…

“Incredible Hulk”
AMRAP 20min:
5 Dead Lift (115/70)
5 Hang Power Clean (115/70)
5 Front Squat (115/70)
5 Push Press (115/70)
5 Back Squat (115/70)

Goal should be to do each round unbroken

Post Rounds to comments/

Put partial rounds in comments section of logwod entry.

Pic courtesy of Limitless 365

Cash Out:

Roll Out….Everything!