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Friday 20120817 Open Workout

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Quick Review of…

Clean – Both Power and Full Squat

Bench Press

Overhead Squat

Now why would we cover these three lifts?…Oh yeah, right….


CrossFit Totals II

(Best of 3 and ONLY 3 attempts):

Clean (from ground, Power or Squat)

Bench Press

Over Head Squat

Add highest 1-rep from each lift.  Add together and post total to comments/

Video courtesy of CrossFit Initiative.  Some good tips from Ty Jones on the points of performance for each lift.  We will go over these when we do our movement reviews.

For the lifts to count, a coach must see you do the rep, AND the rep must go through Full Range of Motion.

So, for Cleans – Weight starts on the ground.  You can either power clean or squat clean.  You MUST show full open hips at the top before you drop the weight for the rep to count.

Bench Press – Once lifted off and you tell the spotter to let go, the weight must come down and make contact with your body BEFORE you start pressing up.  You MUST press up in a continuous motion.  If the weight starts to go back down, NO REP!  If your spotter touches the bar, NO REP!  You MUST show full lock out at the top BEFORE the spotter grabs the bar and racks it.  If you don’t lock out the arms, NO REP!

Overhead Squat – You must show Active Shoulder BEFORE you begin to squat (arms FULLY locked out, shrugged up with lats engaged).  You will then squat until the crease of your hip goes BELOW your knee.  If it does not meet this depth and you come back up, NO REP!  Once you begin coming up, it MUST be a continuous motion.  If you start to go back down,NO REP!  For the rep to count, when you come back up, you MUST show fully open hips for the rep to count.  If you bring the bar down to the shoulders before you fully open your hips, NO REP!

Cash Out:

Couch Stretch Wall Squat Stretch