Monday 20120806 Open Workout

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Movement prep for…


CrossFit Total I:

pic courtesy of Westlake CrossFit

The sum of the best of 3 attempts on…

Back Squat

Shoulder Press


CrossFit Total I is about finding your 1RM in three lifts but similar to a competition feeling.  We will warm up as a group and go over the movements. Then you will be given time to warm up all 3 movements on your own, but then only given 3 attempts of 1 rep at each movement. You’ll have 10min to warm up completely on bar work. Then only 6-8min to perform all 3 attempts in Back Squat.  We will have 5min to move onto Shoulder Press, then again only give 6-8min to perform your 3 attempts, then 5 min to prep for Deadlift, then 6-8 minutes to get in all 3 Deadlift attempts.

You ONLY get three attempts per lift.  So, if you miss your 3rd attempt, or make it and feel you can go higher, sorry, no can do.  This is where strategy comes into place.  Plan on hitting either your current or projected 1RM by the second attempt, and then put it all on the line on attempt 3.  Leave it all out there!  Hold nothing back!

Video Courtesy of CrossFit Hoboken.  CF Strongman Dave Lipson going over the standards for the three lifts in the CrossFit Total 1.  Yes, int he video they show Squat, then Deadlift, then PRess, but the WOD will go 3 attempts at Squat, 3 attempts and PRess, and then 3 attempts at Deadlift. Squat – Work on getting your elbows high to keep the bar locked in that pocket between your traps.  this will help keep the bar from rolling back.  As you squat down, maintain your lumbar curve.  FOR THE SQUAT TO COUNT, THE CREASE OF THE HIP MUST GO BELOW THE KNEE!  Also, the lift must finish with the hips completely OPEN (stand tall)! Strict Press – At the start, legs fully locked out (do NOT bend during lift, or you’re push-pressing, and that will be a no-rep), chest up, maintain lumbar curve, elbows down and in front of the bar.  As you start the press, move the head back (double-chin, don’t pez-head) and press straight up.  Must lock out arms and show active shoulder and head through (ears past elbows) at the top to make the rep count. Deadlift – In the set up, maintain lumbar curve, shoulders slightly over the bar, head in neutral position.  As you stand, hips and shoulder rise at the same time.  Stand with hips fully open to complete the rep.

Notice on the vid all the no-reps they go over.  IF any of your attempts are like those, guess what?…NO REP!  Make these count!

Add up your highest successful lifts in each lift and post that total to comments/   Also, in comments, list each lift individually.

NOTE:  If you finish before anyone else, your job will then be to cheer on your CrossFit brothers and sisters.  One team, one fight!

Cash Out:

Stretch Hips & Hamstrings

Roll out Back

For Hips, pick one stretch from the Mobility WOD posters.  Same with Hamstrings.

  1. Courtland says:

    OH so it is gonna be a light weight day great. Lol

  2. jp says:

    Back Squat: 205
    Press: 125
    Deadlift: 295
    Total: 625

  3. sowtman says:

    BS: 245 PR
    Press: 145 PR
    DL: 375 PR

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