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Thursday 20120524 Open Workout

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Have you wanted to get stronger?  Have your WOD times not been where you wanted them to be?  Have you wanted to work on technique on such lifts as Squat, Deadlift, Power Cleans, Press, or Bench Press?  You’re in luck.

We will be running a Special 5 day Strength and Conditioning Mini Camp 11-15 June.  It will consist of two-a-day training at 0800 and 1600 each day, and then a special three-a-day on Friday (0800-1200-1600).  All Mini Camp sessions will be 1 hour in length will include a warmup associated with the activity of the day, a Strength/Skill training session that includes specific instruction (will teach squat, deadlift, power clean, press, bench press), speed work, footwork, balance work, and conditioning drills, warm down stretch.

Now, back to today’s Workout…..


One-Arm KB Snatch

Video courtesy of KettleBell Athletics.  Notice the position of the dumbell at the start.  It is very important that you have your thumb aimed toward your body as the KB goes between your legs.  Next, unlike a nomal KB swing, here you want to get a very high pull that is close to the body.  Next, as you drop your body down for the catch, punch up to avoid the KB from crashing on your forearm.


AMRAP: 15Min                            

 4  Pistols                                            

4 Pull-ups                             

4 handstand push-ups


Post total reps to comments/

Extra Credit:


Video courtesy of Fitness Magazine.  Once you find your blance in this position, do 3 30-second holds, then 2 60-second holds, then 1 90-second hold

Cash Out:

Anterior Shoulder Mash

Video courtesy of Mobility WOD.  You will not believe how much relief this will give your shoulders!  Just keep remembering that end goal when grunting through these. 🙂  Grind through it, TactFitters, and you’ll increase your range of motion, meaning more successful, safe overhead lifts, meaning a better athlete!

Wednesday 20120523 Open Workout

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Video courtesy of CrossFit USD.  Watching this slow-motion take goes through the proper form for full snatch.


The bar is approached with back straight, and the lifter crouches low and grasps the bar, with the balls of the feet directly under it.

Legs are bent with the buttocks close to the heels. While any grip may be used, it is standard to use a wide grip, with the hands near the ends of the bar. A hook grip is normally used in competition.

The chest is puffed out and the shoulders slightly forward of the bar.


The hips, shoulders and bar move at the same pace. The lifter pushes from the toes and slowly transitions the weight into the mid-foot. The angle of the torso relative to the ground remains constant. The bar is kept close to the legs, brushing them a little on the way up, ensuring proper alignment of the body.


When the weight is at mid-thigh, the bar is accelerated upward by powerful hip+knee+ankle extension until the body is fully erect. This is done in conjunction with an explosive shrug.

This part of the lift is known as the ‘scoop’ or ‘second pull’. Often, a lifter will bend the knees slightly and bring their torso to vertical before the second pull. This is called the ‘double knee bend’ style of lifting.


At the apex of the bar’s height, the lifter squats down under the bar while continuing to push up on it (or visualizing pushing their body down).


The barbell is caught with locked arms overhead at the bottom of the overhead squat motion. This part of the motion requires a developed sense of timing and coordination, and is the crux of the entire lift.


The arms remained locked with the weight overhead and the lifter stands up from the squat position.

Work through a few sets getting used to the full snatch.


Partner WOD

“Power of 16”

16 Power Snatches @ 85/55

16 Knee To Elbow

16 Power Snatches

16 GHD’s

16 Power Snatches

16 KTE

-The way this will work is partner one starts on the Power Snatches.  Partner two starts on the Knee to Elbows.  Once each partner finishes the required reps, they will switch, and partner one will then do 16 Knee to Elbows, and partner two does 16 Power Snatches.  This pattern continues for the whole WOD.

Post Team members and time to comments

Extra Credit:

Snatch: 1-1-1-1-1  Increase weight each set.  Set your 1RM

Cash Out:

Thoracic Overhead roll

Video courtesy of Mobility WOD.  See the 3 minute mark for the overhead roll

Final Paleo Classical Argument

For those of you currently in the Paleo Challenge, or if you just had questions about Paelo, our own Coach Ben Yates would like to share the above paper.  I think we can all benefit from a read.  Post your thoughts to comments

Tuesday 20120522 Open Workout

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Pose Running/Chi Running Drills

Vid courtesy of SOF WODs.  With pose running, the lean should come from the ankles, not at the waist.  For the drills, we’ll spend a few minutes working the Wall Puull drill to get used to bringing the foot up in a figure-four position.  For the heel kiss drill, a good way to do this is with a jump rope.  You use the same quick/small heel strike when you do single unders that we want you to use in pose running.  Start by doing a few single unders, then lean with your ankles and let momentum move you forward.
The coach will goover the other drills with you in class.

Also will work on breathing …

(Video courtesy of CrossFit HQ, Coach Rip on breathing)

Yes, coach  Rip is talking about breathing through a lift, but the same principles apply.  Let the breathing be natural. Don’t let it get out of control as the WOD will be…


Run 5K

Compare to

Post time/thoughts to comments/

Extra Credit:

8 minute Core Grinder

8 minutes of core work. Continue to Move from movement to movement. EX; 1 minute flutterkicks, 1 minute butterfly crunches, I minute bicycles…..till the 8 minutes is up. Movements will be at the discretion of the coach

Cash Out:

Quad/Calves roll out

Our most recent On-Ramp grads.  Welcome to the next Evolution, folks!

Monday 20120521 Open Workout

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Curtis P’s –

Video courtesy of  Curtis P’s are a combo of a power clean into a lunge with bar in front squat.  Lunge left leg then right.  Finish it off with a push press.


For Time:                             

 50 Curtis P’s   @ 75/35

25 Box Jumps (24/20)

50 Wall Balls (20/14)

25 Ball Slams (25/12)

18 Min Cutoff

Record time to comments/

Video courtesy of CrossFit .com     Things to remember about ball slams.

Keep lumbar curve throughout the movement, don’t let shoulders slump forward.

Keep feet firmly planted.  Don’t come up on toes when you slam down.

Ensure you get full extension of both hips and shoulders (active shoulder position) at the top of the motion, and SLAM the ball down to the ground, don’t just drop it.

Catch the ball at the bottom of your squat on the ball’s first bounce.

Cash Out:

Couch Stretch – 2 min per side

Saturday 20120519 Open Workout

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Coach Andrea (or as I call her, Col Tullos) will be running a Team WOD at 0900 in the TactFit Area.  Come out and have some fun!


In teams of 2, one partner working at a time – each partner does…

10 Man Makers (MM) – do a pushup with dumbbells in each hand, at the top of the pushup do a one arm row with dumbbell on right hand, do a pushup, then at the top do a one arm row with left hand.  (Dumbbell weight- 30/15, unless under 2 months exp, then 15/5)

30 KB swings (1.5pd /1pd, unless under 2 months experience, then use 1pd/.5pd)

400 m run – Both partners must finish the above movements before starting the run.  Both partners run together


10 MM

30 Double Unders

400 m run – Both partners must finish the above movements before starting the run.  Both partners run together


10 MM

30 GHD’s (for under 2 months exp, sit-ups)

400 m run – Both partners must finish the above movements before starting the run.  Both partners run together


10 MM

30 Hang squat cleans 135/95 (under 2 months exp. 65/35)

400 m run – Both partners must finish the above movements before starting the run.  Both partners run together

Record team time as well as team member names/thoughts to comments

For the clean, click the below link for a demo video, courtesy of


Hang refers to the starting position – with feet hip width apart, lumbar curve locked in, overhand HOOK grip just outside thighs, slightly bend at the knees and hip – then violently/explosively hip extension (think Jump) keeping the bar as close to the body as possible – shrugging and pull your body completely under the bar as you quickly rotate your elbows forward catching the bar in the rack position and full squat then stand and repeat
Courtesy of CrossFitMT




The under 2 months numbers are to help those who have not become very proficient at these moves do them safely, but intensely.  If you have under 2 months experience with CrossFit, but feel you can handle the RX’d weights, talk to the coach when you get there.


What better way to enjoy the weekend than to have a great workout with a partner?!  Learn good teamwork and get a good sweatCAN!

Friday 20120518 Open Workout

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SCHEDULING ANNOUNCEMENT!  As you know, we have added an 1800 class M-W-TH.  I’m happy to announce that starting this week we will also add an 0600 Tuesdays and Thursdays!


Bench Press  – 3  Rep Max

Video courtesy of EliteFTS.  Listen to the 5 most common mistake, as told by Dave Tate.  Does your bench technique have any of these?  The biggest one I want to hit on is not being stable prior to bringing the weight down.  Very unsafe.  Our standard will be this.  Use a lift off.  There is to be four hands (your two and your spotter’s two) on the bar when it leaves the rack, and when you rack the weight.  This is to ensure safety.  I mean, who wants a bar crushing their head or throat?  After the lift off, the spotter’s hands don’t leave the bar until you give them the okay that you are set.  When I say set, I mean your shoulder blades locked back, natural arch in the back, feet FIRMLY planted and NOT MOVING from the ground.  Then and ONLY then, will the spotter let go of the bar.  And the spotter will not touch the bar again until it is to either rack the weight or pull it away from you because it starts to go back down before you could lock it out (ie muscle failure).  There will be no “two fingers helping get it up”.  You either get the weight up or you don’t on your own merit.  Get After It!

Work up to the 3RM.  After warmup with empty bar, go with reps of

7,5,5,3,3 – If you haven;t found it by then, do one more set of 3 for 3RM

Enter weight in comments/

WOD:  Cindy+

3 Rounds for Time

5 Strict or Banded Pull-ups

10 Pu’s

15 Air Squats                                     

+ ?  Guess you’ll have to show up to find out!

Enter time to comments/

Extra Credit:

Find Max Full Squat Clean (1o min limit)

Cash Out:

Shoulder Band Work

New Shirts are coming!  The above will be the front of our shirts.  On Monday we will have pics of the back designs you can choose from.  We will have an order sheet with each design.  Get your order in ASAP!

Thursday 20120517 Open Workout

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SCHEDULING ANNOUNCEMENT!  As you know, we have added an 1800 class M-W-TH.  I’m happy to announce that starting this week we will also add an 0600 Tuesdays and Thursdays!



Points of Performance

-High Elbows (pic courtesy of CrossFit Raleigh)

-Maintain Lumbar Curve

– Crease of theHip must pass below the knee (pic Courtesy of CrossFit HQ)

-Keep Heels Down.  Only time they would be allowed if momentum takes them up at full extension

-Finish the movement Completely OverHead, with active shoulders (Pic Courtesy of CrossFit Cape Cod)




 Thruster @ 135/95/ Chest To Bar Pull-Up

Video Courtesy of CrossFit HQ.  Chris Spealler giving some good tips to Pull Up Efficiency.  A Chest to Bar Pull Up is nothing more than a regular kipping pullup with a higher target.  The core movement that is in a strict pullup, a gymnastics kipping, and a regular kipping pullup stays the same.  In the warmup, try maintaining tightness on your core and feel that “spring” when you come down for your swing.  Then try a couple with a relaxed mid section.  Notice the difference?

Post time to comments/

Extra Credit:

Work on Bridge

Pic Courtesy of

Cash Out:

Find you O2! 

I know there is a good sized group of you still going through our Paleo Challenge, please check out this site for some great ideas