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Friday 20120427 Open Workout

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-Spend 10 minutes working hip mobility

Go through the Super Squat Hip sequence, the groin stretch from earlier this month.  Use the time for whatever one you want to try.  Or, try this new one…

I’ll say it for you….OUCH!!!! 🙂  Be careful with this one, and please use a partner when placing the plate on and off.  Team up, you’ll have time.

-Spend 5 minutes “Mashing” triceps to get a good front squat rack position.

Video courtesy of Mobility WOD.  Watch at the 3:05 mark for the tricep work

-Work muscle up technique

Video Courtesy of CrossFit Santa Clara.  Jason Khalipa going over the Muscle Up Technique.  For a lot of you, this will be the second or third time this month you’ll be getting to work on this technique.  How far into the progression did you get last time?  Did you get a muscle up?   Did you get past doing these on your knees?  Where would be a good place to find this info?  YOUR LOGBOOK!  You don’t have one?  What?  Having a log book is so essential to tracking your progress.  Results happen at a better pace when you track them!


Π(pi) Guy

Finish the below in 12 minutes:

Do reps of 3, then 1, then 4 (get it? Π?) of

Muscle Ups

Handstand Push Ups

Front Squat (225/135)

So, you will do 3 Muscle Ups, 3 HSPU, 3 FS, the 1 MU, then 1 HSPU, then 1 FS, then 4 MU, then 4 HSPU, then 4 FS.

YES, this is a very short time period, meaning, we want you to (safely) haul ass through this WOD!  Short amoutn fo reps, short time = High Power Output in a very short time

Scaling options will be…


1 MU = Prescribed

1 HSPU = Prescribed

Front Squat = Prescribed


1 MU = 3 Chest 2 Bar Pull ups, 3 Ring Dips

1 HSPU = Inverted Push up on Box

Front Squat = Adjust Weight Accordingly


1 MU = 3 Regular kipping Pull ups (no band), 3 Ring/Box Dips

1 HSPU = Inverted Pushup on Box

Front Squat = Adjust Weight Accordingly


1MU = 3 Banded Pull ups, 3 Box Dips

1 HSPU = Barbell Shoulder Press (135/95) – or adjust accordingly

Front Squat = Adjust Weight Accordingly

Write time/scale options to comments/

Cash Out:

Lat Stretch on floor, Foam roll out back