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Monday 20120409 Open Workout

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Box Jumps

Focus on using proper arm position to generate momentum.  Also, keep your torso upright, and when going for height, lift the knees, FAST!

From the great folks over at CrossFit Delaware Valley.  Other than keeping good technique, what I want you to see in this video is the athletes are not afraid to miss.  Do a couple biff the jump and tumble down?  Yup.  But, did anyone die?  Did anyone bleed out?  No.  They got back up and went at it again.  Don’t be afraid to fail.  Single rep maxes, max height attempts, ect.. should take you right up against the line of failure.  How will you know where that line is if you don’t fail?  In this sense, failure is NOT a bad thing, but something to learn from. Anyone can win.  Those who become great learn from their losses.  What will you learn today?


10 minutes to find your max height Box Jump

Record total inches on highest attempt to comments/

One minute rest, followed by….

Death By Sit Ups!

Do one sit up the first minute, then two on the second minute, then three on the third….and so on until everyone is dead!…by dead we mean, when we get to the point where no one can finish the number of sit ups for that minute.  All sit ups will be butterfly sit ups.

Record highest rep range met to comments/

Cash Out:

Couch Stretch – 2 minutes per leg

Pic of the 15 March On-Ramp class on their graduation.  Show ’em some love in the Open Classes!