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Tuesday 20120403 Open Workout

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Work on Kipping Pull ups. For those who have those, work on Butterfly Pull ups

Courtesy of Again Faster. Robb Wolf and Nadia Shatila going over the first kip in a kipping pullup.  Notice the strong push AWAY from the bar to generate the power to get your body moving upwards.  Try the partner drill prior to class starting.  See if it gets your muscle memory going.


5 Rounds For Time:

10 Push Press (135/95)

10 Pull ups

Record time/any scaling to comments/

For the push press to count, you must finish with full lock out in the legs, full active shoulder with your head through.  Otherwise,…NO REP!

For pull ups to count, your chin, in a neutral postion (no craning), must finish ABOVE the bar.  Otherwise,…NO REP! (two words you don’t want to hear a coach say).  Don’t make a coach say NO REP!

                               Together we can end coaches saying “NO REP!” (photo courtesy of CrossFit Southie)

NOTE: If you need to scale, speak with the head coach for options.  If you are not able to handle the weight, then scaling the weight may be a good idea.  Or, if you can handle the weight, but not fly through it, then look at a rep scaling option. The coach will set a time limit.  the goal is to push as close to or at RX’d and finish UNDER the time limit.  Strategy time!

Cash Out:

50 Butterfly Sit ups

Come up with two SMART goals.  For those that attended yesterday’s WODs and got an explanation of SMART goals, we will be setting up a section on the white board for you to list up your goals.  This way, you can be reminded of these goals every day you set foot in the TactFit area.  Also, once you achieve these goals, you get the privilege of crossing that goal off!…and then setting a new one!