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Friday 20120420 Open Workout

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1. The noon class has now been moved to 1130.  Please plan accordingly.

2. We are planning a very special WOD for this Sunday.  Details coming REAL soon.


Handstand Walk

Things to remember in HS walking.  Tight Core, Head sighting the ground, Toes pointed, Glutes tightly clenched

Videos today courtesy of Gymnastics WOD.  Yes, I hate Carl Paoli too.  I strive to get my handstand walk as effortless as his. Love this progression for training your body on moving your center mass forward, initiating the walking motion from the hips to the shoulders, and falling forward into the walk (think of it as upside down pose running).  What I also love is this type of progression will help you get used to being upside down before you just jump out to an open floor and go.  Now what happens if you fall?….

For video two, this is a MUST for all of you.  You must learn how to roll out of the fall.  Two good things about doing the roll.  1, you won’t break your neck. 2. IF you know how to roll out, you will allow your body to get up into the handstand walk.  What I normally see people do in HS walks is not get their body vertical enough.  If the body is not vertical, you won’t be able to move forward.


Courtesy of CrossFit HQ.  To do these you will have a plate (or stack of plates) on each side of you as you sit on the floor, legs out straight. You will then hold you body off the ground by placing your hands on the plates, lifting your butt off the ground.  From there, lift your feet off the ground, straightening legs out so your toes are even with your quads. I would go through the progression shown here of getting up and having the legs in the tuck first.  Once you can hold this for a good while, start trying to extend the legs out.

Prior to going into an L-sit, I HIGHLY suggest going through this drill.


2min Max L-Sit

2min Max HS Walk

Rest 2min

2min Max Rep Pull ups

2min Max Rep Box Jumps (24/20)

Rest 2min

2min Max Rep Sit up

2min Max Rep Air Squat

Scoring for L-sit is # of seconds ÷ 2. Scoring for HS Walk is for yds. Every other exercise is for Reps.

Record total reps to comments/

Cash Out: High-five everyone!  Congrats to all of you for making through this week!  And, if you can spare the time, come out this Sunday at 1500 for a very special WOD.  Details to be released tomorrow.