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Thursday 20120419 Open Workout

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1.The noon class has now been moved to 1130.  Please plan accordingly.

2. We are planning a very special WOD for this Sunday.  Details coming REAL soon.


Power Cleans

Video courtesy of DWHA.  Notice how high the bar gets before the lady ever bends her arms.  That’s straight hip power.  Violent and powerful!  Feel like you’re leaping out of your body when you hit that second pull.  In the warmups and skill work, use hang power cleans to find your EXPLOSION point!  That is the area that when the bar makes contact, you begin that second lift that gets that bar airbourne!  There HAS to be a big change in momentum between the two lift.  The first lift (from the floor to mid-thigh) is at a deliberate, deadlift pace.  The second lift (from mid-thigh or EXPLOSION point to rack position) is the FASTEST speed you can get it up there.  It should be shot-out-of-a-cannon speed!


On the min, Every min, for 20 Min:

  • 3 Power Cleans (185/105)
  • 5 KB Swings (1.5/1)
  • 8 Sumo Deadlifts (185/105)

If you do not finish the current round before the next minute starts, do not start again. Wait until the next minute to start another round. Score = # of Rounds Completed

Record successful rounds completed to comments/

Some good clean fun to laugh at.  Video Courtesy of the AWESOME folks at CrossFit Oahu(Thanks for finding this, Mieke!).  We wouldn’t have any of these folks in  our group, would we? 🙂  Do me a favor?  Don’t name names, but rather, self-identify in comments.  (I’ll admit, I’m a sweat beast!) Remember, good clean fun folks!

Cash Out:

100 Double Unders