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Friday 20120413 Open Workout

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Running Technique


Run 5K

One of the beauties of CrossFit is being prepared for the unknown and unknowable.

We strive to help you, the athlete, improve in….

Cardiovascular/Respitory Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance, and Accuracy.

In doing so, you will be prepared for whatever we throw your way.  We will make you not only better athletes, but improve your physical comfort of living.

To do that, we will guide you in the right path.  That doesn’t just mean when you show up at the gym for the WOD.  On this site, our goal is to inform you of what skills we will review that will prepare you for the WOD.  By doing so, we will give a good example of the movement(s) involved, but we highly encourage you, the athlete, to take this as your starting point.  Research more on your own.  Mentally go over those movements in your head, and come prepared to do work once you get to the gym!

So, our new plan is that you will find out the WOD once you arrive at the gym, not before.  Give us your thoughts on this new direction.

As always, we want to make CrossFit Team Offutt Tactical Fitness the best affiliate in the DoD!….and one day, the WHOLE WORLD! 🙂

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Band stretch on hips and hamstrings