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Wednesday 20120404 Open Workout

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DoubleUnders practice

Take 5 minutes working on these.  Things to remember.  Find a spot to focus on/keep arms down at the sides/spin from the wrists, NOT the shoulders/jumping should be straight up and down, no bending of the legs in the jump!

Courtesy of Again Faster

This video is a little longer, but SO much good info! Four big things to take away from this video…

1. Timing.  Try to get your jump to begin right as the rope hits the ground, not early.  Once you get the timing down, get one successful double under, then try getting a few single unders, then a double.  Keep increasing the frequency of DUs until that is all you are doing.

2. No pike.  Keep your chest up!

3. No donkey kick.  Upward extension and bounce.

4. Speed of the rope comes from your wrist, NOT your arms!


3 Rounds For Time:

40 Double Unders

30 Lunges

20 Push ups

10 Deadlifts (225/135)

Post time/thoughts to comments/

Recent action shots from the gym.  Great shot of Jerome Agnew getting after some push presses!  This guy brings a great energy to the AM Open classes!

Cash Out:

Roll out hamstrings and glutes w/ lacrosse ball sitting on a box

Stretch Calves

Stretch Hamstings

Stretch Quads