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Wednesday 20120425 Open Workout

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KB Swings –

Video courtesy of CrossFit HQ

Points to remember:
Drive with hips
Maintain good lumbar curve, tight core
Weight in the heels, chest up
Finish with weight fully extended overhead, active shoulders

Overview of Ground to Overhead

-This can be any way you want.  Full snatch, power sntch, power clean and jerk, full clean intoa thruster, whatever you want.  Whatever you are the most efficient at.  The only requirement is the bar starts on the ground and ends with you standing, hip fully extended and active shoulder, arms locked out overhead.


The Gas Guzzler

For time

10 Ground to Overhead (135/95)

25 Ring Dips

10 Ground to Overhead

Row 500m

10 Ground to Overhead

25 KB Swings (1.5/1)

10 Ground to Overhead

Run 800m

Post thoungs/time to comments/

Cash Out:

Find your O2

Video from last Sunday’s “Headhunter” WOD.  Thanks Coach Bryan for putting the clips together and to some good music.  I apologize for some bad camera work  (my fault) and a little bit of cussing (my fault again). 

But, once again, thank you all who cmae out to make this an awesome event honoring some great soldiers.  Never forget.