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Thursday 20120405 Open Workout

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Wall Balls – We’ll take some time working on accuracy.

Video courtesy of Again Faster

“A missed Rep is a Wasted Rep” Today I’d like to bring up the topics of movement standards and missed reps. What we all need to understand is that quality movements and performance are needed for quality results. Ex: How well does your medication work if you only take half of the dosage? Same thing goes with exercise. How fit do you get from doing half the movement or workout? NOTE:  this is not the same as scaling.  Scaling is to ensure saftey and effective use of workout time, not to cut corners.


 20min AMRAP:

Row 15cal

15 Wall Balls (20/14)

15 Toes Through Rings

Record total REPS to comments (c’mon folks, you go to the site to see the WOD, leave a comment!)/

Also, post in comments thoughts of how you feel this month is going so far.  What SMART goals have you set for yourself?  What is your game plan to reach those goals?

Courtesy of CrossFit West Chester.  The movement is just what it says.  Get your toes through the rings.  Movement is just like a Toe To Bar with a different twist on accuracy.  Goal is to keep the feet off the ground during these

Cash Out:

Hip band stretch

Courtesy of the 55th PA dept.  Great pic of one of our athletes/shadow coaches Maria Gates working muscle up progression.  Seeing the effort this girl puts in day in and day out is inspiring!