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Wednesday 20120411 Open Workout

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The class schedule for Wednesday and Thursday will be the following…

Wed- 0600 Open Class, 0700 On-ramp, there will be NO 1700 class
Thur- 0600 Open Class, there will be NO 1200 or 1700 class
This is ONLY for this week to accommodate the CF Level One Certification taking place in the TactFit area on Wed-Thur.

Strength/Skill work:

Dead lift technique

Box Jump Technique

Spend 10min working up in weight on Deadlift and increasing height on box jumps, because…..


10 Rounds For Time:

1 rep – Deadlift (315/225)

2 reps – Hand Stand Push Ups

3 reps – Muscle Ups

4 reps – Box Jumps (36/28)

Yes, there will be scaling options for this WOD, depending on your skill level.

Record time/scale option to comments/

From Gymnastics WOD, Coach Paoli gives a great tip for stringing together multiple high-height box jumps.  This will help save your back for the dead lifts

Cash Out:

Use Lacrosse ball to roll out shoulders and Glutes,

Use foam roller on quads and back

Stretch Shoulders, glutes, quads, hamstrings, and back