Friday 20150612 Open Workout

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5, 5, 5+

add 5-10 from 29 May



Team WoD

Break into even teams.  Each team member will have a station.  Choose a station based on numbers in the team.

1 – Row 500m

2 – Push-ups

3 – Box Jump Overs (24″/20″)

4 – KB Goblet Squat (1.5/1)

5 – Sumo Deadlift High Pull (SDHP) (75/45)


Scaling Options:

Push-ups – knee push-ups

Box Jump Overs – Step-up and overs

Goblet squats – scale weight as necessary

SDHP –  scale weight as necessary



3 Min total time of L-Sit holds (*broken up as needed)

  1. Eric Rose says:

    I have a huge favor to ask. I am one of the coaches at unrelenting CrossFit, we had some miscommunication between coaches and Jason is actually in Colorado and won’t be able to be there. Is there any way I can still get on the list to get on base so I can coach my athletes?

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