Monday 20141215 Open Class

Posted: December 14, 2014 by ladygrape01 in Uncategorized


No Rep! Coach John in Missouri getting his Level 2 Certification, with CrossFit’s Adrian “Boz” Bozman! 



Video courtesy of CrossFitParkCity.

Butterfly Pullup Progression



10! (10, 9, 8…1)

Walking Lunges with 55/35


Make the goal of the athletes to go unbroken in each section. Meaning, get all 10 lunges done with no break, then catch your breath as you move to the pull up bar.  Once you jump on, get all 10 reps without dropping off.  Then do the same for the 9s, then 8s, etc…  This should be there GOAL. If it is not reachable, then manageable chunks.


Scaling Options:

Lunge weight – 35/25

Pull Ups – 2xbody row



Reverse hypers – 3×20

Roll out thoracic area – 2 min

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