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Wednesday 20141224 Open Class

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Strict Press

5, 5, 5+  add 2.5/5 from 8 Dec



Death By 10 Meters

So minute 1, run 10 meters, minute 2, run 10 meters, turn around, run 10 meters, etc… Add another 10M sprint every minute until all are dead…


Scaling Options:

Rowing death by 20M.  Add 30M every minute

(Ex, min 1 – 30 M, min 2 – 60M, min 3 – 90M, etc…)



Use a buddy and…

Roll out Achilles with bar bell for 2×2 min

Roll out calves with bar for 2×2 min

Roll out hamstrings with bar for 2×2 min


Please Note:

No Class on Christmas

Class Dec 26 @ 10am

We will be conducting a nutrition seminar for anyone who is interested (no obligation to he challenge- just help jump start New Years’ resolutions):

Monday 5 Jan 1130 in HAWC classroom
Tuesday 6 Jan 0700 in HAWC classroom
Tuesday 6 Jan 1730 in HAWC classroom

Sign-ups (any single session) are at the white board.

Lurong Paleo Challenge Jan. 19th- Feb. 22nd