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Wednesday 20141203 Open Class

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We had a good turnout for tonights election. Thank you to those that showed up, and a huge thank you for those that have stepped up! This program does not work without all of the help from the volunteers. Your new committee members are:
President- John Hendricks (with a lot of support from others, and until we have a new candidate up for the task)
Vice President- Carl Eitzen
Secretary- Cynthia Drenan
Treasurer- Andrew Klein
Training/ Shadow Manager- Kimberly Groeper 
Equipment Manager- Dave Erickson
Social Coordinator- Mimi Smith-Munroe
Multi-Media Manager- Eddie Weirick 



Strict Press

5, 5, 5+  use 70% of 3rm



400m Sprint

Rest 3 minutes

5 Min AMRAP – Double Unders

Rest 3 minutes

400m Sprint


Scaling Options:

If you can’t run, 500M row

DU: None – Work on them for 5 minutes



3 rounds:

10 GHD

10 Slow RDL w/ Heavy KB

Maintain strong lumbar curve in RDLs.  No back rounding.