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Friday 20141205 Open Class

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Make plans to go cheer on Haylle Friday night at 6pm, she will be competing in her first RX competition in Battle in the Bluffs. Go kick some ass girl! 



Deadlift…add 5-10lbs from 21 Nov



Video courtesy of Marzia Prince.

Partner WoD:

15 min AMRAP

Partner A: 10 Bench Press (115/75)

A&B: 20 Alternate Box Jump (Same Box)

Partner B: 10 Bench Press (115/75)

A&B: 20 Oblique Med  Ball Toss

Scaling Options:

Bench Press (95/65, 85/55, 75/45)



Keg stretch at the 3 minute mark. Video courtesy of Mobility WOD.

Partner Chest Stretch – 2 mins each

Partner Keg Stretch (Barbell and Med Ball) – 2 mins each