Wednesday 20140806 Open Class

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“The Wall Ball” being done at the last TOTF Fun Comp. 



Make up Monday or Tuesday


2 Second Pause (above knee) Clean
As heavy as possible

Post weight to comments/ LogWOD



“The Wall Ball”

In teams of 2 complete…


Hand Stand Push-Up

Wall Ball (20/14)

Med Ball sit ups

Med ball clean over shoulder

10 minute time limit


Scaling Options:

HSPU – Scale 1 – 1 ab mat under head

Scale 2 –  2x Hand Release Push-Ups

Reps are total, not per person.  When partner has to stop during HSPU or WB, they MUST switch places with partner.  During HSPUs, partner not doing HSPU holds med ball locked out overhead.  EACH partner MUST do at least 1 rep. During WB, partner not doing WB holds the bottom of an air squat.   EACH partner MUST do at least 1 rep  Med Ball sit ups and MB clean over shoulder MUST be done in matted area in front of the Whiteboard.  For MB sit ups, partners sit in butterfly position in front of each other.  Partner 1 goes back w/MB overhead, MB touches ground as partner 1’s back hits the floor, partner 1 comes up from sit up and passes MB to partner 2. Partner 2 now does a MB sit up.  For MB clean over shoulder, ball comes from ground, and partner must clean the weight and toss over shoulder.  Reps can be done however the team sees fit as long as each partner does at least 1.

Post time to comments/ LogWOD




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