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Wednesday 20140827 Open Class

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Come cheer on John and Kelly Hendricks, team He Jerks, She Cleans, this Saturday first WOD @ 12:02pm. Good luck guys! 



Make up Monday or Tuesday


Power Clean up to heavy single, shoot for 90% of 1RM



18Min AMRAP:

Reps 2, 4, 6..etc…

-KB Goblet Squat (1.5/1)

-Muscle Up

-30 Double Unders

Round 1 is 2 goblet squat, 2 MUs, 30 DUs.  Round 2 is 4 goblet squats, 4 MUs, 30 DUs.  And so on and so forth

Scaling Options:

Goblet Squat – 1/.5

Muscle Up – burpee to CtB pull up, if no CTB then chin above (no jump)

DU- 2:1 SU with 5 min DU practice AFTER WOD



Clean Pulls – 5×3

Find a heavy weight (80-110% of RM) and try to increase each round.

Rest as needed between