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Tuesday 20140805 Open Class

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Todays WOD is a play on the 2014 CrossFit Games Muscle-Up Biathlon.  Picture courtesy of CrossFit Games. 



Push Press


3x 85%

Set new 2RM

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Pull-up Biathlon
400m Run
18 C2B pull-ups
400m Run
15 C2B pull-ups
400m Run
12 C2B pull-ups
Each time you come off the bar, you must run a 200m.


Scaling Options:

Scale A: Pull-ups vice C2B pull-ups
Scale B: Jumping Pull-ups/Banded Pull-ups but run 200m every six pull-ups

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100m KettleBell/DumbBell Waiters Carry (Right Arm)

100m KettleBell/DumbBell Waiters Carry (Left Arm)