Monday 20140721 Open Class

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Farewell to Jerrad Joseph. Best of luck on all of your future endeavors. You will be missed! 



Before Strength…

Establish Max Height Box Jump


Front Squat 5×75%, 5×80%, 5×85%, 60% x max reps (based off 2RM)

Keep elbows high, don’t let the upper back round, and avoid knees caving in.


Post height and weight to comments/ LogWOD



13 Minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible)
Box jumps w/step downs (24/20)
1 min rest then…
Timed 800m Run

Step downs on this one, no bounding or rebounding. Scored by total reps minus time, as in if I did 55 reps and ran the 800 in 360 seconds (4min) then my score is 305


Post score to comments/ LogWOD





Homework (done on your own outside of class):

Couch stretch – 2 min per leg

Banded hip stretch – 2 min per leg


To all TOTF members- don’t forget about the upcoming in-house Free Fun Competition this Saturday July 26th. For more information talk to Jeff Hart or Kimberly Groeper. There is scaling for all levels and we would love to have all of TOTF there! 


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