Saturday 20140719 No Class

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A great big TOTF Happy Birthday to Jen Maitland! Hope you had a wonderful birthday at Disney with your beautiful family! Now it’s time for birthday burpees! 


Please note the Field House will be closed this Friday at noon through Sunday. There is no class Saturday.
If you are free Saturday you should head up to Lincoln to cheer on Team Peristaltic Rush and Kyle Gundrum as they compete in the CrossFit Lincoln UltraFit Challenge at CrossFit Lincoln (720 Van Dorn, Suite A, Lincoln). It is a two day competition. 
Team Peristaltic Rush (Carl Eitzen, Jeff Hart, Mimi Smith-Munroe, and Kimberly Groeper) are competing as a Competitive Team their heats are- Saturday: WOD #1 @ 11:20am. WOD #2 @ 1:59pm WOD #3 @ 3:00pm, Sunday: WOD #4 @ 10:45am WOD #5 (Finals) @ 3:00pm
Kyle Gundrum will be competing as a Competitive Individual. His heats are- WOD #1 @ 10:40am, WOD #2 1:25pm, and WOD #3 @ 2:40pm, Sunday: WOD #4 @ 9:55am WOD #5 (Finals) @ 1:55pm



Warm up:

TOTF Warm-Up with 400m run

30 each  high knees/butt kicks/side step/jump skip



Run 5k

Find a pace where you don’t stop at all during the run

Scaling Options:

If too much volume, Run 3k (1.8 miles) instead.

Post time to comments/ LogWOD



Rest exactly 10 minutes after 5K.

Repeat 5K Run and hold time within 30-120 seconds of first time.

*Repeat until desired mileage is achieved.


Homework (done on your own outside of class):

Stretch groin, hamstrings, hip flexors, glutes, quads, and calves


To all TOTF members- don’t forget about the upcoming in-house Free Fun Competition this Saturday July 26th. For more information talk to Jeff Hart or Kimberly Groeper. There is scaling for all levels and we would love to have all of TOTF there! 


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