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Thursday 20140717 Open Class

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Coach Salt getting some work done at CrossFit TexFit, while in Texas of course!


Please note the Field House will be closed this Friday at noon through Sunday! We will only have the 0600 class Friday morning and no class Saturday.
If you are free Saturday you should head up to Lincoln to cheer on Team Peristaltic Rush and Kyle Gundrum as they compete in the CrossFit Lincoln UltraFit Challenge at CrossFit Lincoln (720 Van Dorn, Suite A, Lincoln). It is a two day competition. 
Team Peristaltic Rush (Carl Eitzen, Jeff Hart, Mimi Smith-Munroe, and Kimberly Groeper) are competing as a Competitive Team their heats are- Saturday: WOD #1 @ 11:20am. WOD #2 @ 1:59pm WOD #3 @ 3:00pm, Sunday: WOD #4 @ 10:45am WOD #5 (Finals) @ 3:00pm
Kyle Gundrum will be competing as a Competitive Individual. His heats are- WOD #1 @ 10:40am, WOD #2 1:25pm, and WOD #3 @ 2:40pm, Sunday: WOD #4 @ 9:55am WOD #5 (Finals) @ 1:55pm



Sumo Deadlift




(% based off of 2RM 7/10/14)

Post weight to comments/ LogWOD



Partner WOD.  Teams of 2

 3 Rounds For Time

A – Completes 20 Push Press, 135/75 (65%)

B – Max rep Double Unders

Switch positions after Push Press is finished.

If the total double unders does not equal 250 at the end of three rounds, than a 50 burpee cashout for whole team.

1 Round = both partners complete 20 Push Presses with the other one doing max rep DUs.


Scaling Options:

Push Press – 95/65, 75/45

DU – At least 10 attempts, then 3:1 ratio

If you scale DUs, spend 5 min AFTER the WOD practicing DUs


Post time to comments/ LogWOD



Every 90 seconds for 15min (10sets):

10 Handstand Push-ups

Kipping is allowed


Homework (done on your own outside of class):

Banded OH mobility

Super (banded) Couch Stretch.