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Wednesday 20140723 Open Class

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Angie Hobbs kicked some serious ass this weekend and won First Place Women at the Iron Battle on the Mississippi. Congratulations Angie! 


Athletes please be aware with the heat and humidity this summer it is very important that you drink plenty of water before, during, and after class. 



Make up Monday or Tuesday


The first part of this drill is the RDL position; shins are vertical, hinging at the hips, and shoulders are in front of the bar. The second part is using the lats to pull the bar to the legs. Pause with the barbell just above the knee for two seconds. If the lats are not engaged the bar will float forward in front of you. After that two seconds do the rest of the snatch movement. Video courtesy ofAtomic Athlete Media.

2 Second Pause (above knee) Snatch 5×3
As heavy as possible

Post weight to comments/ LogWOD



15 minute AMRAP
250m Row
7 Hand Stand Push-Ups
14 Kettlebell Snatch (1.5/1)

Scaling Options:

HSPU – A. 1 ab-mat under head. B. Seated DB press As Heavy As Possible

KB Snatch – 1/.5

Post rounds to comments/ LogWOD



Video courtesy of Glenn Pendlay

3×10 Pendlay Row


Homework (done on your own outside of class):

Roll out whole back

10 passes upper thoracic

10 passes lumbar area

10 passes low back/hips


To all TOTF members- don’t forget about the upcoming in-house Free Fun Competition this Saturday July 26th. For more information talk to Jeff Hart or Kimberly Groeper. There is scaling for all levels and we would love to have all of TOTF there!