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Thursday 20140710 Open Class

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Sumo Deadlift

Set 2RM

Prior to going for 2RM, do sets of 5, 5, 4, 3 before going for sets of 2

Video courtesy of ParadisoCrossFit.


Post weight to comments/ LogWOD



20 Pull Ups

15 Squat Cleans 155/115

10 Deficit (45/25 plate under each hand, nothing under your head) Hand Stand Push Ups


-3 min Rest

10 Pull Ups

10 Squat Cleans

5 Deficit Hand Stand Push Ups


-2 min Rest

5 Pull Ups

5 Squat Cleans

5 Deficit Hand Stand Push Ups


Score = total time minus 5 minutes

Post score to comments/ LogWOD


Scale options:
Squat Cleans – 75% of 1RM
Deficit HSPU -reg HSPU or /w 1 ab mat under head
Pull Ups – ring rows, with 5 min pull up practice after WOD


With the built in rest periods, treat the WOD as 3 SPRINTS!  So, finish (with good form) as fast as possible since you will have a chance to catch your breath before going again.




Bar Wars

Everyone hops up on a pull up bar.

Coach calls out move (EX, shift right, shift left, touch right shoulder, touch left shoe).  Go until only one remains


Homework (done on your own outside of class):

Tabata roll out, entire body

Spend 20 seconds per body part, take a 10 sec break between.