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Tuesday 20140624 Open Class

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Coach Jason with Coach Rick Bucinell, Olympic coach at Crossfit Adaptation, after 4 grueling hours of Olympic lifting. Rick has 4 world masters championships and has been competing for over 11 years.


Coach Jason with Coach Rebekka Ellman at CrossFit MPH.  MPH is the home of games athlete/competitor Christy Adkins.




5x 75%, 

5x 80%, 

5x 85%, 

60% x Max reps

Keep legs locked out, No dip/drive. Max reps = go until form breaks down, but not past that!

Last 2 rep max set June 9th. Weight X Reps X .0333 + Weight = Theoretic one rep max.

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Partner WOD:

Teams of 2 complete:

200 Ring Push Ups for Time

WOD starts with partner 1 on a set of rings, partner 2 on the track.  At Go, partner 1 starts ring dips, other partner runs a 400M run.  Partner 1 keeps doing Ring Push ups until partner 2 finishes 400M run.  They switch spots, partner 2 now does ring push ups while partner 1 runs a 400M run.  They keep switching until they reach 200 ring push ups

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Video courtesy of Beyond Strength DC.

3 Rounds

– Inch worm to plank

– 10 alternating One Arm Ab Plank Reaches

– 10 High to low plank (hands to elbow and back)

– Inch worm to standing


Homework (done on your own outside of class):

4 Rounds

– 2 x 30 second alternating shoulder stretch

– 2 x 30 second alternating banded lat stretch

– 2 x 30 Triceps stretch