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Thursday 20140605 Open Workout

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Travel safe Coach Bryan! #beastmode


Weighted Dip 5.5.5

Increase weight each set

Increase from 30May


Post highest successful weight to Comments/LogWOD


Ring HSPU Progression # 4

Video courtesy of Gymnastics WOD.  In our 4th and final progression on Ring Handstand Push Ups, we will build on what we did last week (got stable on rings and worked leg wrap).  Today we get up on the rings, wrap the legs, and attempt a Handstand Push Up.  If stability on the rings is an issue, try holding a band between your hands to keep the rings from shaking too much.



Pendlay Row 5×5

Increase weight each set

Video courtesy of Greg Pendlay

Homework (Done on your own outside of class):

– Banded KB shoulder distraction with external rotation. 1 min each arm

Video courtesy of Barbell Shrugged


-Banded behind head external rotation 1 min each arm.