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Wednesday 20140604 Open Workout

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summer showdown

We are less than two weeks out from the Summer Showdown. Review the standards and make sure you’re ready to go! 





If missed Monday or Tuesday complete here; otherwise: Muscle Clean 7×3


CrossFit Regionals Event 7, Team Event – Duo version

Teams of two complete the following:

500M Row and 125 Double Unders (each)

50 Deadlifts (partner holds top of a Deadlift, switch every 5 reps) 275/185

50 Toe2Bar (partner hangs from bar, switch every 5 reps)


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Video courtesy of the CrossFit Games website.  For today’s wOD, instead of being in teams of 6, we will only do this as pairs, so once your pair has gone through this WOD, you are done.

Once one athlete has rowed 500 meters and the other has performed 125 double-unders, they will switch. When both athletes have each completed a 500-meter row and 125 double-unders the pair will move on to the deadlifts. If one athlete finishes ahead of the other they must remain at their station until the other finishes.

For the deadlifts, partners must alternate after every 5 successful reps, with one person performing deadlifts while the other remains locked out at the top of the deadlift. Partners may NOT alternate until one person performs 5 reps. Once the pair completes 50 reps they advance to the rig for the toes-to-bars. Again, partners must alternate after every 5 successful reps, and may not alternate until they complete 5 reps, with one person performing toes-to-bars while the other hangs from the bar with no contact with the ground. When they finish all 50 reps, they call time to end the workout.


Video courtesy of the CrossFit Games.  Take a glimpse of how this WOD went down for teams of 6 at this year’s North Central Regionals.




Rest – Go straight to Homework

Homework (Done on your own outside of class):

-Roll out posterior chain

-Hamstring PNF stretch