Friday 20140131 Open Workout

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Mimi.tireMimi killing it on the tire flips earlier this week.  I have a feeling she is going to try to do some damage in the CrossFit wordwide Open in a few weeks.  Have you registered?  If not, click on the picture to go to the registration site!




Hand Stand Walk Work


Videos courtesy of Gymnastics WOD.  We’ve covered these progressions before.  Today would be a good time to re-engage these.

In this video, Carl breaks down the progression for the Handstand Walk. The key to a good Handstand Walk begins with a stable Handstand hold in a globally extended position, and from there the extended position will cause your body to lean in the direction for the walk. To work on the hand stepping and placement, practice shifting the weight of your hips while stacked by placing your feet on a high box. Finally, practice leaning against the wall while slowly increase the distance between your hands and the wall to catch up the lean by walking with your hands.



In this video Carl explains how to do a Handstand Forward Roll as an option to safely exit out of a Handstand Walk. This is an important skill to learn before you start trying to walk for distance away from any walls or support to lean against.




10 Rounds:

30 Ft HS Walk(5 mats)

30 Ft walking lunge



Post time to Comments/LogWOD

30 Ft = length of 5 mats


NOTE:  If you do not have Handstand Walks, don’t get scared and stay home.  Get in here and work the progressions we’ll show you, and know that there will be scaling options.  Don’t be scurred 🙂




X-tra Work:

400 Double Unders (or 10 min of double under work)

Whichever comes first



Homework (Done outside of class on your own):

Banded Shoulder Stretch

3x 1min each side

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