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Thursday 20140109 Open Workout

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openpic courtesy of facebook

Have you been following the changes for this year’s CrossFit Open?  Click on the above pic for more details



1 Min AMRAP – Bodweight Bench Press

1 Min AMRAP – Toe2Bar

1 Min AMRAP – Bodweight Bench Press

1 Min AMRAP – Toe2Bar

1 Min AMRAP – Bodweight Bench

3 Min AMRAP – Wall Ball shots



Score = total reps

Post score to Comments/LogWOD



Video courtesy of CrossFit HQ.  Some good technique tips from the Sweatts.  Do what you can to pin your shoulder to the bench.  When pressing, think of pushing the ground away from the bar instead of pushing the bar up.  This may help keep the shoulders pinned back at lockout, where most folks roll their shoulders forward, leading to potential injuries.



X-tra Work:

50 Total Close Grip Push-Ups



Homework (Done after class on your own time):

2 minutes each of

 KB scapula mobility

video courtesy of Mobility WOD


Door Chest Stretch


Banded Lat Stretch