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Tuesday 20140114 Open Workout

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Jason and CaraCoach Jason Howell out at CrossFit South Arlington with Cara Heads-Slaughter, member of the 2000 US Olympic weightlifting team.  Got some good tips, I’m sure.  TactFit Games athletes, get used to his face, as he will be the one telling you all what you are doing and where you are going this Sunday!



Set 2 Rep Max on Sumo Deadlift in 10 minutes


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For Time:

5 Sumo Deadlift

Sprint 5 yd and back

5 Sumo Deadlift

Sprint 10yd and back

5 Sumo Deadlift

Sprint 15yd and back

5 Sumo Deadlift

Sprint 20yd and back


Use 80% of 2RM


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Videos courtesy of CrossFit HQ. In this video, Starrett and powerlifter Jesse Burdick demonstrate how they’re saying the same things with different cues in the set-up for the sumo deadlift.

“The most effective positioning is the same language you’ve been using with all your friends,” Starrett says to Burdick.

The goal is to simplify the variables, Burdick notes.

“It’s efficiency in movement,” he explains. “We try to make it a single-joint motion as much as we can, the strongest levers are moving the weight in the shortest range of motion that we can.”

As always, the goal is to neutralize the spine by squeezing the butt, bracing the abs, taking a big breath and arching as hard as possible, Starrett says. From there, he wants to extrapolate the best practices “and try to translate it into something that means something to my mom or means something to me.”


Here they demonstrate how they’re saying the same things but with different cues in teaching the sumo deadlift.

The first idea they tackle is “get tight.” For beginners, that can be an esoteric concept that’s difficult to grasp, Burdick says.

“If you’re not tight, if you don’t feel what that is, you’re not going to be able to idealize it,” he explains, “because it’s such a thing that floats around the ethos that you just may not be able to understand.”

Get tight by squeezing your butt at the top, screwing your feet into ground and loading the hips back, Starrett says.

The next concept is “chest up.” For an effective sumo deadlift, you must lead with your chest and not your hips; otherwise, you’re creating more distance to the lockout position, Burdick says.

“So when we say ‘chest up,'” he says, “it’s just making sure that we’re almost rounding thoracically as opposed to rounding from our lumbar.”


X-tra Work:

Dumbbell Row 4×8 @ 70/30

Reverse Hyperextensions – 3×8



Homework (Done on your own outside of class time):

Spend 3 minutes on each:

Rolling Hamstrings

Rolling Glutes

Rolling Hamstrings