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Monday 20140120 Open Workout @ 1000

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Note:  Due to Holiday Hours, we will have one class tomorrow at 1000

Angie 225

Yes, we will have tons of pics coming from the 2014 TactFit Games, but special shout out to TOTF’s own, Angie Hobbs for her huge 3RM Front Squat of 225! Nice work Angie!

Speaking of Front Squats….




Find Front Squat 2RM in 15 min

Post weight to Comments/LogWOD




5 Min AMRAP Front Squat @ 60% of 2RM

Post reps to Comments/LogWOD


X-Tra Work:

– 5×10 Alternating Pistols

– 3X20 Hyper extensions


Home work (Done on your own outside of class time):

Wrist stretches

– Limp – Down – Raise

– Palm in – grab back – Press back

– Palms together near chin – Bring wrists down – Separate Palms

Video courtesy of Dr. Mark Rosenberg