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Tuesday 20140107 Open Workout

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The Mieke CrowdThank you to everyone that came out to send Mieke off on Saturday.  We’ll miss her for sure!



For Time:


Deadlift (315/225)

Muscle Ups


Post time to Comments/LogWOD


Ensure you maintain as flat a back as possible in the deadlifts. 

For those who did come out last Saturday, put the Muscle Up drills to good use today!


X-tra Work:

Start this five minutes after your WOD ends.

Every Minute On the Minute for 6 Minutes:

3 Pendlay Rows 135/95

6 Box Jumps 28”/24”


Homework (Done after class on your own time):

1 min each side  Banded Hip Push Stretch

1 min door stretch

1 min light Kettlebell around the worlds…


Video courtesy of Rowlett Fitness.  Rowlett Fitness Revolution personal trainer Travis Merritt demonstrates and discusses a banded hip flexor stretch.

Some people need that extra bit of push (or pull in this case) with it comes to stretching the hip flexors.

Tie the band around a sturdy or stationary object and then loop it though your leg (lower glute upper hamstring area).

Hold this stretch for 1-2min each leg and you’ll notice that your hip flexors will not give much trouble any more.