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Tuesday 20140128 Open Workout

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DU Do ItTeam “DU Do It” tearing things up.  Special congrats to Angie for having the highest 3RM on the female side.  Also, you’ll find a cool pic of Carly in this week’s base paper!




Teams of 4:

20 Min AMRAP:

2 partners flip tire then burpee jump through

Next two partners do the same

Keep rotation going full 20 min


Score = total reps (1 rep = tire flip and bupree jump through)

Post reps to Comments/LogWOD



X-tra Work:

Timed Deadlift Hold (top of a deadlift) using 3RM weight

(use double overhand grip)

Last time we did 3RM on Deadlift was 6Sept2013 (Click here for a refresher)

Homework (Done outside of class on your own):

Roll out Thoracic Spine