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Saturday 20140104 Open Workout @ 0900

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I would like a big crowd to show up today to say goodbye to a very special coach, friend, sister, partner, motivator, all-around awesome chick, Coach Mieke.  Her and Will are leaving us very soon, so we want to take this time to do a special WOD dedicated to her…..




“The Mieke”

Partner WOD:
20 Partner Deadlifts @ 400#
30 Hang Squat cleans (165/115)
40 Burpee over box @ 24″
50 OH Plate lunges (45/25)
60 DOuble Unders

* Run 400M together after completing each movement

Time ends after last 400M run


X-tra Work:

Muscle up work:  If you have never gotten a muscle up, make today your day

Video courtesy of CrossFit HQ.  Channeling the power of the hip can be tricky when it comes to the muscle-up.

“I think that most people understand you’ve got to have a good amount of pulling strength, full range, and a deep dip with a great amount of dipping strength. I think getting the hip involved to learn the kipping muscle-up is a little bit more complicated,” says gymnast and CrossFit Santa Cruz coach Laurie Galassi.

To help athletes understand how to get the hips involved, she has them lie on their backs, pull their knees into their chests and then explosively open their hips with their butts as high as possible.

“Imagine if you could freeze your hip at the height it’s at right now and sit yourself up over your hip—kind of like a reverse Slinky going up the stairs,” Galassi explains.

The next drill has a couple of prerequisite skills: an ability to hold yourself at the bottom of a ring dip and to stabilize yourself at the top.

“We’re going to take the explosive hip opening and put it on the rings,” Galassi says. “The goal is to activate that hip and get a boost out of it.”

Homework (Done outside of class time on your own):

Give Mieke a big hug before you leave