Wednesday 20140122 Open Workout

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30 is the new awesomeProud of team “30 is the New Awesome”!  Proving age ain’t nothin’ but a number!  They did great on the first WOD of the TactFit Games, “Team 55th”.

Speaking of that WOD…..



“Team 55th”

In Teams of 4, For Time:

-2 partners do 55 Ground 2 Overhead (135/95), other 2 do 55 Toe2Bar

-Partners pair up for 200M fireman carry

-2 partners do 55 CTB Pull Ups, other 2 do 55 Deadlifts (135/95)

-Partners pair up 200M Fireman carry

-Whole Team completes burpee box jump overs (30/24)

-Whole Team does 200M Sprint


Post time to Comments/LogWOD

For this WOD, we put a 15 minute time cap on it.  Can your team finish in that time?  Also, we had the movements paired out where the men did the Ground to Overhead and pull ups, and the women did the Toe2Bar and Deadlifts.  Today, game it the way you want.


Movement standards for the movements used today are in this video.


X-tra Work:

-5×20 Standing Calf Raises with 50# Dumbbells off of a 2” lift



Home work (Done on your own outside of class):

2 minutes a side

– Banded hamstring stretch

– Lizard Pose (Spiderman) stretch

– Banded Lat Stretch

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