Wednesday 20151111 Open Workout

Posted: November 10, 2015 by eweirick in Uncategorized
Don’t forget to invite your friends to our community WOD on Saturday. All individuals with access to the field house (and within the field house age requirements). All movements will be instructed before the WOD, are non-technical for all fitness levels, and still scalable if necessary.



HSPU (Strict and Kipping)



Team WOD

5 Rounds (each person) of:


10 Power Clean, 135/95

15 Burpees

20 KBS, 53/35

25 Wall Balls, 20,14

(one athlete completes a full round while the other rests, then switch.)


Scaling Options:

HSPU – to ab mat, two abmats, wall walks (nose to wall)

PC – weight as needed



Weighted Ring Dips – 5 x 3  (w/2 sec pause at bottom and top of dip

Banded bully stretch – 3 x 1 min per side

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