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Saturday 20151128 Community WOD

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family workingout

pic courtesy of NR Today

With friends and family visiting for Thanksgiving, today is a perfect day to bring them in to not only work off those plates of great food, but introduce them to the greatest CrossFit Community in the DoD!


Community WOD:

“The Med Ball that Won’t Go Away”

Teams of 2 complete the following
for time:
-50 partner wall balls (toss the
med ball up to touch line and
caught by other athlete)
-25 ten meter shuttle runs w/med
ball (partners trade off each sprint
until all are completed)
-50 partner plank burpees*
partners can split anyway they
-25 med ball situps with toss
(partner toss between each other)
-400m run Cash Out (partners must
stay together)


For plank burpees (video courtesy of Kaiafit)…


Scaling Options:

Any med ball can be used,
ranging from 8 to 30 lbs.



Go to soccer pitch and with partner heave med ball
backwards overhead down length of field. Do this for
time, one partner throwing med ball to other end and
back, handing off to the other partner who also completes one there-and-back.
Race the other teams.
Can be done in a head-to-head bracket format if space is tight.

Seeding based off of WOD finish times.

NOTE: Do not hit the walls, plexiglass or other people with the med balls. If the soccer pitch is taken and the weather is nice, move to the parking lot and eyeball the distances.