Thursday 20141225 No Class

Posted: December 24, 2014 by ladygrape01 in Uncategorized

  Merry  Christmas! 



Stretch out fingers

10 air squats to prep to pick up presents

2 runs up and down stairs to prep for big run down to see what Santa left you



Try removing tape from one corner of a gift without ripping wrapping paper

Do three times

Practice saying “thank you” with sincerity



AMRAP gift opening and giving

one hug per present received to the giver



Christmas dinner – whatever good spread you have.

And enjoy time with family and friends


Please Note:

Class Dec 26 @ 10am

We will be conducting a nutrition seminar for anyone who is interested (no obligation to the challenge- just help jump start New Years’ resolutions):

Monday 5 Jan 1130 in HAWC classroom
Tuesday 6 Jan 0700 in HAWC classroom
Tuesday 6 Jan 1730 in HAWC classroom

Sign-ups (any single session) are at the white board.

Lurong Paleo Challenge Jan. 19th- Feb. 22nd

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