Friday 20140725 Open Class

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Congratulations to Coach Courtland and his wife Amber on the birth of their little man! 



Floor Press

5×75%, 5×80%, 5×85%, 60% x max reps

(% based off 2RM)

Post weight to comments/ LogWOD



Every 10 sec for 1 min—1 Over Head Squat
-rest 1 min, increase weight and then…
Every 20 sec for 2 min—2 OHS
-rest 2 min, increase weight then…
Every 30 sec for 3 min—3 OHS

Score = total successful reps

Find weight you can handle for 7-8 unbroken reps.  Use that for the 1 minute round.  Make jumps from there.  If you miss a lift in any round, rest until the next beep.  Ex, I miss rep 6 of the first minute (1 rep every 10 seconds), I will rest through the 7th rep, and attempt again on the 8th rep.  If you fail 2 in a row, you can lower the weight.

Post score to comments/ LogWOD




Don’t have Pistols- Work Sergio’s Pistol Development

Video courtesy of SergioFact.

Have Pistols – Work Weighted Pistols – 5 Rnds of 6 Alternating Leg

Watch from the 56 second mark. Video courtesy of ZenTrainer.

Have Weighted Pistols – Get Heavier — 5 Rnds of 6 Alternating


Homework (done on your own outside of class):

Banded Over Head stretch – 2 min per

Roll out quads – 1 min per(slow.  Make it count)

Banded tricep stretch – 2 min per


To all TOTF members- don’t forget about the upcoming in-house Free Fun Competition this Saturday July 26th. For more information talk to Jeff Hart or Kimberly Groeper. There is scaling for all levels and we would love to have all of TOTF there! 

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