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Friday 20140124 Open Workout

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kipping it real

Team “Kipping It Real” doing work (love the matching shirts)!  Proud of you guys as a few of you, this was your first (of many I’m sure) competition.  Well done.




For Time:

3 Min AMRAP Heavy Man Makers (go by feel)

1 min rest

3 min AMRAP Double Unders

1 min rest

3 Min AMRAP Handstand Push ups



Score = reps


Post score to Comments/LogWOD



Video courtesy of Seal Fit.  Man Maker =  With Dumbbells in hand, drop down, /do push up while holding DB/do row with left arm, then right arm/Hop up (don’t let go of DBs), do a squat clean thruster



X-tra Work:

– 3 sets max Chin Ups

-3 Rounds max HS hold



Homework (Done on your own outside of class time):

Spend 10 minutes rolling out your back from top to bottom.  Then hit the sides to get the lats.

followed by…

Shoulder Stretch series:

– Alternate raise/lower shoulders

– Hug yourself, continue to hold and wrap further

– One elbow up, grasp hands behind back.  Pull down

– Swimmers stretch(Hands interlaced behind the back, pull them up…)

– Triceps stretch


Thursday 20140123 Open Workout

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scaled top 3RX top 3

Big congrats to the Top 3 teams from both the Scaled (top pic) and RX (second pic) Divisions.  For those who didn’t see the final results…
Scaled Div:
3rd – CF 402
2nd – Sofa Kings
Scaled Division Champs – Racks & Sacks
RX Division:
3rd – CFD
2nd – Team Triton
RX Division Champs – The Misfits
We will post links in the TactFit Games tab at the top of our page for the various picture libraries.  These two came from John P Calhoun Photography.  Click here to go directly to his gallery from the event.  Click here to go to Tony Frescas’ gallery.  Cick here for Janeen Chang’s gallery on our Facebook page.



Today will be a some mobility and active recovery….


500M Row on 10 dampener

5 min mobility drill 1 (upper mash) – see below

500M Row on 10 dampener

5 min mobility drill 2 (upper PNF) – see below

500M Row on 10 dampener

5 min mobility drill 3 (lower mash) – see below

500M Row on 10 dampener

5 min mobility drill 4 (lower PNF) – see below


No entry into LogWOD.  Just do the work.


Video courtesy of Mobility WOD.  Upper mash


Video courtesy of Burnt Toast WOD.  Upper body PNF.  Do these as contract/release(5 sec/10 sec) for the duration of the Mob piece.


Last two videos courtesy of Mobility WOD.  Lower Body Mash.  Start at the 3:40 spot


Lower Body PNF.  Do the section from 1:30 to 2:30 mark.



X-tra Work:

Mash anything that hurts




Spend 20 minutes learning about the human back.

Start at Wikipedia and go from there

Click here for the Wikipedia Page

Wednesday 20140122 Open Workout

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30 is the new awesomeProud of team “30 is the New Awesome”!  Proving age ain’t nothin’ but a number!  They did great on the first WOD of the TactFit Games, “Team 55th”.

Speaking of that WOD…..



“Team 55th”

In Teams of 4, For Time:

-2 partners do 55 Ground 2 Overhead (135/95), other 2 do 55 Toe2Bar

-Partners pair up for 200M fireman carry

-2 partners do 55 CTB Pull Ups, other 2 do 55 Deadlifts (135/95)

-Partners pair up 200M Fireman carry

-Whole Team completes burpee box jump overs (30/24)

-Whole Team does 200M Sprint


Post time to Comments/LogWOD

For this WOD, we put a 15 minute time cap on it.  Can your team finish in that time?  Also, we had the movements paired out where the men did the Ground to Overhead and pull ups, and the women did the Toe2Bar and Deadlifts.  Today, game it the way you want.


Movement standards for the movements used today are in this video.


X-tra Work:

-5×20 Standing Calf Raises with 50# Dumbbells off of a 2” lift



Home work (Done on your own outside of class):

2 minutes a side

– Banded hamstring stretch

– Lizard Pose (Spiderman) stretch

– Banded Lat Stretch

Tuesday 20140121 Open Workout

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TooBroke2ChokePics courtesy of John P Calhoun and Bryan Holm.  I will do my best to get all TactFit teams up on the site this week and give a link to John’s pics for all to see as well as have full results from the TactFit Games on our site as well.  Congrats to team Too Broke To Choke.  You guys are far from broke and kicked ass!




EMOM(Every Minute On the Minute) for 16 Min:

Odd min – 4 Deadlifts @ 85% of 1RM

Even Min – 8 Strict Pull Ups


Post successful rounds to Comments/LogWOD

If you aren’t able to finish the work in the given minute, finish the round and then rest the remainder of the time, meaning you missed one round.  The goal of this WOD is a roughly 20 second work followed by 40 second rest.  We’re looking for explosiveness, yet control of and full range.



X-tra Work:

-3×12 Romanian Deadlifts@ 50% Deadlift weight from WOD

-1 set max rep Sumo Deadlifts at 135/95#


Homework (Done outside of class time on your own):

 Work the hamstrings and the chest.

– Roll out each hamstring/glute for 2 minutes a side

– Doorway stretch for 2 minutes

– Standing hamstring stretch – 2 minutes per side

Monday 20140120 Open Workout @ 1000

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Note:  Due to Holiday Hours, we will have one class tomorrow at 1000

Angie 225

Yes, we will have tons of pics coming from the 2014 TactFit Games, but special shout out to TOTF’s own, Angie Hobbs for her huge 3RM Front Squat of 225! Nice work Angie!

Speaking of Front Squats….




Find Front Squat 2RM in 15 min

Post weight to Comments/LogWOD




5 Min AMRAP Front Squat @ 60% of 2RM

Post reps to Comments/LogWOD


X-Tra Work:

– 5×10 Alternating Pistols

– 3X20 Hyper extensions


Home work (Done on your own outside of class time):

Wrist stretches

– Limp – Down – Raise

– Palm in – grab back – Press back

– Palms together near chin – Bring wrists down – Separate Palms

Video courtesy of Dr. Mark Rosenberg

Saturday 20140118 Open Workout @ 0900

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2014 TactFit Games Logo

It’s here folks!  Be here by 0900, Sunday for the start of the 2014 TactFit Games!!!!!



To keep on our on-going prep for the 2014 CrossFit Open, today we take a trip back to 2012…


2012 Regional Indiv Event 4

For Time:

50 Back Squats (135/95)

40 Pull Ups

30 Shoulder-To-OH (135/95)

50 Front Squats (85/65)

40 Pull Ups

30 Shoulder-to-OH (85/65)

50 OH Squats (65/45)

40 Pull Ups

30 Shoulder-to-OH (65/45)


40 minute cut off


Post time to Comments/LogWOD



Video courtesy of CrossFit HQ.  The only difference to what you see in the video and what you will do on Saturday is you don;t have to move your bar from one area to another.  You can stay in the same area for the whole WOD.



X-tra Work:

1 Minute of each:

 Roll out Thoracic

Back Extension off Foam Roller

Cat/Cow Stretch

Child to Cobra

One Arm Reach Through



Video courtesy of Craig Valency



Homework: Come to the 2014 TactFit Games on Sunday!

2014 TactFit Games WOD 1

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As promised, here are the details of WOD 1.  All but the final WOD will be revealed at the start of the event.

WOD 1- “TEAM 55th”

INSTRUCTIONS: 15 minute time limit


PART I – Men will complete 55 Ground-to-Overheads at 135 (Scaled: 95) while women complete 55 Toes-to-Bar (Scaled: Knees-to-Elbow).  Reps can be broken up any way the respective duos want.  When both pairs have completed their work, the pairs will conduct a 200m fireman carry with males paired and females paired


PART II – Men will complete 55 Chest-to-bar pull-ups (Scaled: Chin Over Bar) while women complete 55 deadlifts at 135 (Scaled: 95). Reps can be broken up any way the respective duos want. When all have completed their work, the pairs will conduct a 200m fireman carry with any mixed combination.(guys carrying guys, girls carrying girls, guys carrying girls, girls carrying guys)


PART III – Men and women complete fifty-five 30” (Scaled: 24”) Burpee Box Jump Overs using the same box.  Hands cannot touch the box at any time of an attempt.  Reps can be broken up any way the team wants. When complete, all members will accomplish a 200m sprint.  Time ends when all members cross the finish line.

Scoring: Teams will be scored on the time it takes to complete all the work and the last member of the team crosses the finish line.  If a team does not complete in the 15 minutes, the team will be assessed a 60 second penalty for each member that has not completed the sprint/fireman carry and a 1 second penalty for each rep not completed.