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Thursday 20131024 Open Workout

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snatch image

Power Snatch 8×2

Add weight from 24Sept or use@ 80% of your 1RM


Start every 90 sec.

Post weight used to Comments/LogWOD

For a refresher of 24 Sept 2013, click here



2 Rounds:
1000M Row
30 Alt KB Snatches @ 1.5/1 (15 ea)
1 Minute Hanging Bar Hold*

* If you come off bar run 400M then complete hang



18 Minute cutoff

Post time to Comments/LogWOD

If you do not make the 18 minute cut, post your time as 18:01 and post how far you got in comments

Video courtesy of CrossFit HQ.  Jeff Martone covering the Kettlebell Snatch.  Follow his instruction for the finish to keep from bruising your forearm.



X-tra Work:

4 Sets each leg

Bulgarian Split Squat 12-15 reps

Homework (Done on your own time outside of class):

4 Rounds

1min Plank, 30sec Rest

Wednesay 20131023 Open Workout

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pendlay rowpic courtesy of

Pendlay Row – 5×5

Increase weight each set


15 minute time limit

Post highest weight to Comments/LogWOD


Video courtesy of California Strength.  Glenn Pendlay himself going over the technique for the Pendlay Row.  This differs from the usual bent over row in…

-You keep your torso parallel to the floor the whole time to fully engage the lats

-Grip is slightly wider

-Pull is explosive and comes up to lower chest/upper abdomen

-Flex upper back but don’t change hip angle

-Bar comes to a complete stop before next rep


Only increase weight if you can maintain good form.  If form breaks, lower the weight and make the reps productive



2min Max Single Unders

50yd Bear Crawl

2min Max Double Unders

100yd Bear Crawl

2min Max Triple Under Attempt or other, 150M bear Crawl

Number of completed jump rope contacts is the score (1 contact for a single under, 2 contacts per Double Under)

Multiply by 10 for every triple made- so 1 triple equals 30 (3 contacts x 10)

Post score to Comments/LogWOD




So, keeping track of the two minute jump roping action will be on you, the athlete.  Simple, jump somewhere you can keep an eye on the clock.


Video courtesy of Rage Fitness.  Yeah, I hate that kid too 🙂
So, if you notice on his technique, the only real change is a slighly higher jump and a quicker turn of the rope.
It’s all about rhythm and timing.  If you feel froggy, after the WOD, try some quadruple unders.

X-tra Work:

Kroc Rows

5, 5, 5+

Get a heavy DB and do 2 heavy sets w/ perfect form.  Strap/chalk up, and do one all out set to failure.  Set a PR here.


Video courtesy of MuscleTech.  Here are Kroc Rows explained by the man himself, Matt Kroczaleski.
-Drop shoulder at the bottom to stretch the back muscles
-At the top, elbows back, shoulders back, think “shoulder blades together”
-He aims for 20 reps, if he gets more, he ups the weight

Homework (Done on your own time outside of class):

Chest Stretch – 2 min per side

Overhead Squat Mobility – 5 minutes

Tuesday 20131022 Open Workout

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Team WOD

Partner WOD
10 Rounds For Quality:
3 Deadlift @ 245/165
Broad Jump length of 3 mats (18 feet)


*Men add 10 lbs, Women add 5 lbs each round


* Only one partner working at a time


* Add weight before partner finishes jumps


Post highest successful weight to Comments/LogWOD


Make sure you have bars and weight ready before we start.

X-tra Work:

100 Barbell Rollouts

Video courtesy of CrossFit of the Ozarks



Homework (Done on your own time outside of class):

Accumulate at least minutes foam/PVC rolling- find tight areas

Monday 20131021 Open Workout

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Cheryl at KearneyBryan at KearneyBryan and Cheryl Holm kicking some butt at the Kearney CrossFit Grand Opening Throwdown this past weekend.  Looks like the next few months will have quite a few events happening.  CFO’s Snow Bowl, The Fittest Games in Dallas, and our TactFit Games to name a few.  If you’ve never competed, give it a shot.  What do you have to lose?





Close-Grip Bench Press


@ 50% 3 Rep Max or Bodyweight- 30lbs

Post weight used to Comments/LogWOD

We set our 3RM on Bench on 5Sept2013 (click here for a refresher)

Close Grip = Thumbs running right at the edge of your chest.  Drop elbows straight down rather than flare them out.




WOD courtesy of CrossFit Football:

10 Rounds:

10 Push-ups

40 yrd Sprint

* 30 Seconds Rest (walk back) between sets

Post longest round time to Comments/LogWOD

Post best (shortest) time to Comments section here and in LogWOD


I would highly suggest looking up at one of the clocks before you start and make sure you can see one at the end of your run so you will know your times.



X-tra Work:

3 Sets Max Rep Chin-ups



Homework (Done on your own time outside of class):

Sitting Hamstring Stretch (hurdler stretch)- Work up to 8 minutes total (4 per side)

Video courtesy of Strong Runner

Saturday 20131019 Open Workout @ 0900

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5 Rounds For Time:

12 Deadlift (155/115)

9 Hang Power Cleans (155/115)

6 Push Jerks (155/115)

Post time to Comments/LogWOD

timdavisPic courtesy of CrossFit HQ

In honor of USAF SSgt Timothy P. Davis, 28, who was killed on Feburary, 20 2009 supporting operations in OEF when his vehicle was struck by an IED. Timothy is survived by his wife Megan and one-year old son T.J.


X-tra Work:


Friday 20131018 Open Workout

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Sumo Deadlift 3RM

15 min time cut

Post highest successful 3 rep set to Comments/LogWOD


Video courtesy of CrossFit HQ.  Notice Jesse Burdick’s starting position. He only drops his hips low enough to get in position and load up the hamstrings and lats with tension so there is no slack on the bar.  He does not continue to drop any lower.  If he would, he’ll lose that tension.  Your goal today is as you lower the hips into position, tense your posterior chain up, and then EXPLOSIVELY Open the hips!




4x 400M Timed Sprint

2min Rest between rounds

Post fastest time to Comments/LogWOD


X-tra Work:

100 Banded Good Mornings

100 Barbell Rollouts



Homework (Done on your own outside of class):

Mash Heel cord 2 min per side

Roll out hamstrings, hips


Derrick DDerrick Drennan rope climbing out of a mud pit at the Spartan Race last weekend.  Next time this event comes around, I think we get an even BIGGER team together!

Thursday 20131017 Open Workout

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Back Squat

8×2 @ 75% of 1RM

90sec Rest between sets

Post weight used to Comments/LogWOD

Back Squat 1RM set on 3Oct (Click here for a refresher)


So, as soon as you rack your weight, look up at the clock.  Figure out 90 seconds from that spot.  That is when your next set starts.




“Shooter’s Choice”

4 Rounds For Time:

-Pick one; 15 Handstand Push Ups or 6 Push Press @ 135/100

-Pick one; 15 Weighted Sit-Ups @ 50/30 or 7 Toe2Bar

-15 Banded Good mornings*

Post time to Comments/LogWOD

*spend 45 seconds doing the banded good mornings, do NOT rush through these.  Nice controlled pace.  Use the FULL 45 seconds.


X-tra Work:

3 sets Reverse Hyperextensions 12-15 reps

If you skip these, you are wrong….




Homework (Done on your own outside of class):

10 Minute Squat Test

Video courtesy of Mobility WOD.  On this 10 minute Squat Test, do as Kelly demonstrates.  Get on top of a box (keep it at 20″), get to the bottom of a squat, work your way over t one side, drop the foot to allow you to go even deeper into the squat on the one knee.  Maintain proper knee positioning (as he goes over here), then work your way over to the other side and do the other knee.  Continue doing this for 10 minutes.


Jason SecrestJason Secrest tearing stuff up at Big Barn CrossFit.  Have fun out there on the road, bro!