Friday 20130927 Open Workout

Posted: September 26, 2013 by totactfit01 in Uncategorized




Reps of 5,3,2, and 1 set max rep : add 5lbs at each interval from 20 September

Click here for a refresher.  If you were not here that day but have a 3RM on Press, you will use this rep/weight scheme…

5 @ 75% of 3RM

3 @ 80%

2 @ 85%

1 set Max Reps @ 90%

If you have not set your 3RM, you will do so today


Post reps of last round to Comments/LogWOD

Post weight used in all sets to comments section of LogWOD





3 Rounds:
400M Run
20 Burpee Pull Ups


20 Minute Time Limit


Post time to Comments/LogWOD


Video courtesy of Trinity Fitness.  Proper technique for the Burpee Pull Up


Beast Mode: You can sub Burpee Pull-Ups w/ 6 Burpee Ring Muscle Ups


If you go with this option, put it in the comments section of your LogWOD entry.  I’d say post it to Comments here, but we all know none of you will do that….or will you with a challenge?  I hereby challenge each of you to post a reply everyday for a month.  For the number of people who post EVERYDAY for a month, I will do 5 burpees.  So, if 20 of you do it, that’s 100 burpees for Coach D at the end.  If 40 of you do it, that’s 200.  And I will do all of them in a row, no breaks.  Hell, we can even have it so you guys can come in and watch me do them at the end.  Kind of a “payback” for all we put you through 🙂  But I’m not worried.  From the lack of posting, I don;t even see ONE of you making it 30 days.  Care to prove me wrong? 🙂

Now, am I doing it just so the website gets some use.  No,  am doing this to open communication int he community.  With some great events on the horizon, I think it would be great if we saw more communication among our community.  But, i can;t force you to do it.  You have to WANT this community to be great.  Show me how much you love this community by making me suffer!



X-tra Work:

LSIT(1)pic courtesy of CrossFit Gymnastics

2xMax Hold



Homework (done outside of class on your own):

Shoulder Flexion Mobility:

3×20 Y’s above head while keeping elbows against a wall

  1. Nico Corea says:

    Post every day for a month? I can do that!

    I came across this video and thought it’d make for a really fun S/S/S piece someday. Check it out:

  2. Ernie Argarin says:

    Day 1, number 2 participant right here…I appreciate and support the cause. Looking forward to tomorrow’s workout, if I can do 1 burpee muscle-up I’ll be happy!

  3. Nico Corea says:

    Thanks, John, that’ll be fun.

    My results for today:

    100 lbs twice, and 12:28 as RX.

  4. totactfit01 says:

    Wow, three folks. Color me somewhat impressed. Tell you what, I will give everyone one last chance to get on board. I will start the 30-day challenge Monday. For every person who posts a reply on the website Monday-Saturday for four weeks, I will do 5 burpees. I know we have well over 40 members. Make me regret such a high number per person! Bring It, starting Monday!
    Coach D

  5. […] 2.5lbs to set of 5 weight from 27 Sept (click here for a […]

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