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Wednesday 20131016 Open Workout

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TOTF Spartan Race folks

TOTF was well represented at the Spartan Race over the weekend.  Proud of you guys!  Now, will we have a winning team at this year’s TactFit Games?  Start getting your team together now!  Registration will likely start by next week!  A little info I can give you, we will limit it to 20 teams in the RX’d division and 20 teams in the Scaled division.  More details to come….




If you missed Tuesday-Complete your Power Clean 2RM.


Otherwise – Weighted Pull-up  2RM

Video courtesy of CrossFit HQ.  Try any version you see in the vid.  Two rules.  No Kipping.  No Pez-Head.  Chin gets above the bar with a neutral head or it doesn’t count.



15 min time cut

Post highest successful weight (in whichever one you did) to Comments/LogWOD



Partner WOD

Complete the following in 15 minutes:

5K Row

* Resting partner is holding top of a Back Squat (115/80)

Post time to Comments/LogWOD

If you and your partner do not finish in 15 minute, list your time as 15:01 in LogWOD, and then put in Comments how far you got (meters).

You and your partner can switch positions whenever you want, but as soon as the partner holding the weight puts it down, rowing stops until the weight is back up.


X-tra Work:

2 Bar Hangs for max time

Homework (Done on your own outside of class):

 Tabata roll out of posterior chain

(left hammy, r hammy, l butt cheek, r butt cheek, left rib cage, r rib cage, middle back, whole posterior chain)