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Friday 20131018 Open Workout

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Sumo Deadlift 3RM

15 min time cut

Post highest successful 3 rep set to Comments/LogWOD


Video courtesy of CrossFit HQ.  Notice Jesse Burdick’s starting position. He only drops his hips low enough to get in position and load up the hamstrings and lats with tension so there is no slack on the bar.  He does not continue to drop any lower.  If he would, he’ll lose that tension.  Your goal today is as you lower the hips into position, tense your posterior chain up, and then EXPLOSIVELY Open the hips!




4x 400M Timed Sprint

2min Rest between rounds

Post fastest time to Comments/LogWOD


X-tra Work:

100 Banded Good Mornings

100 Barbell Rollouts



Homework (Done on your own outside of class):

Mash Heel cord 2 min per side

Roll out hamstrings, hips


Derrick DDerrick Drennan rope climbing out of a mud pit at the Spartan Race last weekend.  Next time this event comes around, I think we get an even BIGGER team together!