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Friday 20131011 Open Workout

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Mieke OH

There’s still time to sign up for tomorrow’s Spartan Race in Lincoln!  Or, go down there and cheer on Coach Mieke and others from TOTF!


Push Jerk Behind Neck

Increase weight each set

Post highest weight successfully done to Comments/LogWOD

Video courtesy of Again Faster.  The only thing I would say that is different than the video is hand position.  Instead of going snatch grip, use what is comfortable.  If mobility allows, go closer to your regular Push Jerk grip.  Find what works for you today.


100 Burpees For Time

Post time to Comments/LogWOD

Compare to 11May2013 (Click here for a refresher)

X-tra Work:

Beginner) 30 Push Presses @ 95/65

Intermediate) 3x Max Handstand Push Up Hold+ 2 Clean and Jerks @ Bodyweight

Home work (Done on your own time outside of class):

DB/KB Mobility Drill for shoulder

Video courtesy of Mobility WOD.  Get KB/DB extended out like benching, turn thumb out (external rotation on shoulder)Drive shoulder blade into the ground.  Do 2 min per side.  Do a test-retest on OH mobility before and after this drill