Tuesday 20131001 Open Workout

Posted: September 30, 2013 by totactfit01 in Uncategorized


Find Max Muscle Snatch

Post highest successful Muscle Snatch to Comments/LogWOD


Video courtesy of Attitude Nation.  Good discussion from two great US Olympic weightlifters.  Please stick more with Spencer’s technique of hip contact.  Use that momentum to get that bar overhead.


8min AMRAP:

Max Push Press @ 165/125

3 Dumbbell Swings @ heaviest weight possible

Max Top of Pull-Up Hold * chest touches bar

Post total rounds to Comments/LogWOD

Post highest rep count for one round and longest Pull Up hold in one round to Comments and Comments section of LogWOD


Video courtesy of Seal Fit.  Dumbbell swing is similar to a Kettlebell swing, but uses a different piece of equipment and a different grip.  Go as heavy as you can handle without breaking form.



X-tra Work:

100x Banded Good Mornings

Beginner)  Green Band

Intermediate)  Black, Purple, Or green with blue

Homework (done on your own outside of class):

3x Max Superman Hold


Brian Beach WODCoach Brian Haggerty (middle in the white shirt…I think) getting a Beach WOD in at CrossFit 757.  What kind of outdoor WOD do you, the TOTF family like to see in the future?  Leave a comment.
  1. Nico Corea says:

    My max muscle snatch: 90, maybe 95. Not much!
    Got 7 rounds on the WOD. Scaled the push press to 105. DB swings were 60 lbs, hangs were in the 10-15 second range.

    On the other hand, I took advantage of this windfall of free time so generously granted by our excellent Congress to do some extra training. Got a few more ring muscle-ups under my belt, did a little more light snatch practice, and worked up to a single 185 lb front squat (main site WOD). That’s not very heavy in an absolute sense, but it is a 10-lb PR.

  2. Kory Kearney says:

    My first open workout!
    Max Muscle Snatch: 95# (not really a max, 5 reps, taking it easy on shoulder but doubt max would be much higher at this point in time)
    5 rounds on WOD, push press @95#, DB swings @ 50#, 30 second range on hangs (chest not touching but chin over bar)

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